Meet Coach Sonia


Sonia Zarbatany, known to fans and friends as “Coach Sonia,” is an international speaker, life coach, business coach, and corporate consultant based out of Montreal, Canada. For the last decade, she has helped her tribe to break through their limiting beliefs, rewire their thinking and build the skills and habits necessary to achieve their goals and build a life they never dreamed of. As a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, she is driven by four pillars: Impact, Family/Tribe, Fun/Experience, and Love/Connection. 


I left Canada and my family business at 23 to pursue my dream of being an entertainment and discovering my true passion and purpose. But after several years living in the entertainment scene in Los Angeles I found myself searching for more.

After deep diving into the personal development and coaching world from Landmark edu, master in NLP, Tony Robbins, deep relationship coachings and several other master coaching certifications and programs, I learned to master my mindset and take control of my life. The next step was easy - I wanted to impact the world to empower others to live their best life. By sharing what I had learned with others! I spoke at my first event at 25 in Los Vegas and I knew I had found my life purpose. Over the next few years, I learned everything I could about shifting limiting beliefs, deep reprogramming, building lasting habits and meaningful relationships and developed a coaching business to support my clients on how to scale their businesses while mastering a strong work life balance.

Family, relationships, self discovery and business mastery was the focus on my talks on stage and my coaching business. The result? I have mastered leading by example and living an epic life of meaning and purpose with the people I love.  I am dedicated to helping others to do the same. My community, my tribe, my clients are my greatest value, I am completely dedicated to their success and happiness. If you are looking to break through negativity, self-doubt and to unlock your life’s greater purpose, let me COACH you! Together, we will reframe your mindset, pivot your actions and unlock your epic life!