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the reset

Looking to find deeper meaning and fulfillment in your personal life? In this 90-day coaching program, you will work one on one with Coach Sonia to completely reset and transform your life. The limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and bad habits that have been holding you back in your personal life will be completely reset in 90 days. If you are looking to repair relationships, improve your mindset, or fall in love with your body, this One on One Coaching with Sonia is the number one way to achieve lasting transformation in your body. By resetting your mindset and the way you think, Coach Sonia will help you obtain the results that you want in your life. This One on One Coaching Program includes 90-minute coaching sessions with Coach Sonia every two weeks for the next 90 days. You will also have message and email access to Sonia. Spots are extremely limited as this is the Only One on One Program with Sonia.

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The Mastery

Would you like to start, change the trajectory, or scale your business?Then this is the coaching consulting session for you! Your very own coach, mentor, and consultant is ready just for you! Coach Sonia will first assess your current business and social media presence and advise you in ways to get clarity on your offers, build the strategy for your business, give direction to your personal branding, content and conversion campaign.

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You will have the complete game plan to take the next steps necessary to improve your business and brand.

This 90-minute session will help you gain clarity, provide you with a unique strategy and guide you through the next steps needed to start or scale your business (both online and in-person)! You will interact with Coach Sonia (over zoom or in person) during two monthly 90-minute calls and also benefit from direct access to Coach Sonia through messaging.

Are you running a business? Do you want to scale your personal or business brand online? Are you looking for a mentor or consultant to hit that seven-figure magic number? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this coaching program is the perfect resource for you! This One on One Coaching Program includes 90-minute coaching sessions with Coach Sonia every two weeks for the next 90 days. You will also have message and email access to Sonia. Spots are extremely limited as this is the only One on One Program with Sonia.


coach sonia's

Imagine working alongside Coach Sonia and learning how she built her fulfilling life. Now you can! With the option to meet Sonia and her team for two days in Montreal or to have her travel to your city, this fully immersive coaching experience is designed to give you everything you need to jumpstart your life and your business.

On the first day together, working side by side with Coach Sonia to whiteboard, strategize and build your unique business plan, your sales offers, high ticket offers, and complete business strategy will be priceless! Once the strategy of your business is set, Sonia and her team will develop a complete social media and personal branding strategy to enable you to achieve the results you desire in your business. The content strategy will be set, the templates, branding and target market will be designed to ensure the brand is completely aligned with the new business strategy.

Day 2 is a complete content creation day where Sonia will coach you on your content, her team will shoot footage and schedule your entire content plan for the month! After the two days together, you will have a complete blueprint of your new strategy, content pillars, content for the month and an exhaustive plan for your entire month of content! Sonia and her team will deliver more value and results to your life and business in two days then you will have had in years! Whether you are looking to skyrocket your brand, need strategic business or get vision clarity, this experience is the perfect way to unlock your dream life and business.

Coach Sonia and her team will strategize, shoot and edit a month of complete social media content so you can focus on executing your perfect gameplan.


we do it for you

Coach Sonia’s Elite Personal Branding is a complete, all-in-one premiere service designed to boost your social media presence, market yourself or your business, and drive your profits higher via social media and marketing. From business strategies to content strategies to social media management, a full done it for you package. Sonia and her team will create your marketing and social strategy and manage your accounts!

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